About the Acupuncture and Massage Practice

When you came to the front door, you'd never guess what was behind a seemingly ordinary house in Cheltenham's Hatherley district. Surrounded by lush, beautiful greenery and plants is the Bodyharmonics Practice and School.

A high quality timber building with more space within than even the "Tardis" can offer. The L-shaped interior gives the perfect layout for having a treatment or career building education and practical classes that shape Maria Mercati's work.

Whether you are having treatment, or partaking in a workshop - the couches are perfect and provide comfort becoming of Maria's high standards. Copious windows provide natural light throughout, easily offering privacy by the practical window dressings.

Of course students can partake of refreshments in the well fitted modern kitchen in the main house - but when the weather allows seating is available in the beautiful garden - and relaxation is complete with the gentle sounds of the little streram and waterfall.

Both the main house and the next door accommodation for students back onto the garden - if you would like to see the quality of the course accommodation and hear the water, please see the accommodation in Cheltenham website for video tours.

Use the link for more information on doing the Bodyharmonics Acupuncture Course.