Acupuncture Cheltenham

"I'm pleased to be able to offer you acupuncture and/or oriental massage therapy in Cheltenham.
I specialise in combining acupuncture with electricity and/or a heat lamp or acupuncture with moxa. I not only use traditional acupuncture points as used in China but combine these with microsystems acupuncture such as wrist, ankle, scalp acupuncture and auricular acupuncture.
These additional techiques dramatically increase health benefits and reduce pain. Maria can offer you Acupuncture treatment which is the very best available in the Western world today and not easily available elsewhere.

Together with my daughter Gisela, I work passionately with these Oriental healing therapies to provide drug free alleviation of your health problems."

Don't suffer a minute longer

Pain and discomfort makes everything miserable, and what's worse they prevent you doing anything constructive with your time. It just needen't be like this. Acupuncture and/or oriental massage techniques relieve your suffering fairly quickly.

What about the supposed pain of needles?

Disposable acupuncture needles don't hurt anything like you would think they do. Most of the time you can't feel them. the exception to this is when the needles are periodically stimulated during treatment to maintain their energy link. However, it is not a sensation that you would normally find difficult to cope with. It is important to feel the energy to get good results.

Someone who understands

How can the author state this and be believed? I ( Lee Mustoe ) have had a large amount of acupuncture and oriental massage from Maria, Graham and Trevor (Maria's husband). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and would urge you not to miss this solution for fear of pain.

Look at the picture of Maria to the right. I can personally testify how gentle and understanding Maria is, there's no one better at helping people when they really feel the need.

Don't delay in losing your suffering, book your appointment now and you will soon be finding some very real relief.