Tongue pictures

Every practitioner versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) theory will tell you a lot can be read about a patient from their tongue.

Simple clues. A normal tongue should be pale red with a thin translucent coating with no swelling or cracks.
A pale tongue indicates a deficiency condition - maybe tiredness
A pale & swollen tongue indictes deficiency with dampness - maybe IBS
A red tongue with a red tip indicates emotional and/or sleep, palpitation problems
A deviated tongue indicates internal wind which could lead to a stroke.
A purple tongue indicates stagnation which could lead to a heart attack
Red edges around the tongue indicate lots of stress.

I know from experience of treating thousands of patients that Acupuncture can improve every health situation. It may not be able to cure the condition but it can make a dramatic difference to your well-being. However acupuncture can have a remarkable effect on musculo-skeletal problems such as back pain, knee pain, arm pain, frozen shoulder etc.

One of my MS patients who came to me in a wheelchair now leads a fairly normal life mostly without a wheelchair. Not cured, but her pain is greatly eased and regular treatment over the last 10 years prevents it from getting worse.

Another patient who had a history 5 miscarriages soon fell pregnant normally to have a big healthy baby after a few treatments of acupuncture.

Western medication can have side effects which are reflected on the tongue. Maria is sure that acupuncture which as no side effects can help reduce those associated with western medicine.