What is Moxa, Cupping Therapy, Electro-Acupuncture Therapy and Heat Lamps?


Moxa (sometimes called moxibustion) is a made from dry Mugwort leaves that are shredded, compressed and shaped into a long moxa stick enclosed in paper similar to a giant cigarette

Moxa treatment for healthMaria uses moxa to very good effect. Approx 2 cm long sections of a moxa stick are carefully cut. Moxa is pushed onto the handles of already inserted acupuncture needles in appropriate acupoints on the meridians. They are then lit and left to smoulder for about 30 minutes and then completely cool down. The heat of the burning moxa is conducted down the needles into the tissues which produces a much more powerful effect than the needles alone.

This is very effective for joint conditions- knee pain, shoulder pain, hip & back pain etc. However, Moxibustion also boosts a general health promoting acupuncture treatment.

Moxa can also be used in other ways for example, Maria uses Moxa without needles, burning the moxa directly on a slice of ginger or garlic which is placed on an acupoint on the skin.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping draws out toxins, removes blood stagnation and increases the circulation of Blood in the area. Cupping is frequently done on the back and hips, although it can be performed wherever there is any stagnation.

Maria uses Chinese glass cups which are applied to the skin and left for 20 minutes. Cupping frequently leaves some bruising.

Electro-Acupuncture Therapy

electro acupuncture for pain reliefVery carefully chosen pairs of needles are connected to an instrument that delivers precisely controlled pulses of low voltage electricity. The electricity intensifies the action of the needles. The frequency of the pulses can be controlled by the operator as can the pattern of pulse delivery

The result can be similar to having cortisone or steriods but without the side effects. It is excellent for all musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries.

Heat Lamp

These devices emit a special band of thermo-electromagnetic waves through a special "black" magnetic emission plate consisting of 33 different mineral elements. The thermo magnet waves penetrate deeper into the body than emissions of normal infrared devices. It is known as the 'Magic Lamp' in China and is widely used in Hospitals and Clinics in conjunction with acupuncture treatment, or applied separately.
Heat Lamp benefit
It alleviate pains, reducing inflammations, promote blood circulation and metabolism. It can be used to substitute moxibustion therapy with additional benefits such as eliminating odour and associated smoke, caused by moxa burning. - from www.harmonymedical.co.uk ( Lee do a link )

Prices for acupuncture, moxa & cupping treatment
Acupuncture treatment only - 40 minutes £30.00
Acupuncture treatment plus moxa &/or heatlamp and /or electricity - 50 minutes £40.00
Acupuncture & cupping £40.00

Cupping treatment only - 30 minutes - £25

Which combination of acupuncture treatment and/or moxa, cupping, heat lamp or electro-therapy would benefit you most? Maria or Gisela will listen to you with a view to treating your whole person, not just the symptom most obviously bothering you.

To benefit from acupuncture treatment by Maria or Gisela Mercati please call 01242 582168 or send us a communication via our contact form. You'll soon be feeling healthier!