Indonesian Massage

Feeling stiff or suffering pain? Try an alternative to the NHS. Indonesian massage treats conditions that respond poorly to drugs.

Maria and Gisela Mercati of the BODYHARMONICS Clinic have travelled extensively studying Indonesian massage techniques and are highly regarded massage therapy experts in the field. Gisela can offer you "state of the art" Indonesian massage treatment.

Indonesian massage and its special benefits

Treatment prices
Indonesian massage oil therapy - 30 mins £25.00
Indonesian massage oil therapy - 60 mins £45.00

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The BODYHARMONICS Clinic can offer you Indonesian massage treatment in its own right, or in combination with Tui Na (Chinese massage) as part of a wider and unique portfolio of Oriental Bodywork therapy.

Which combination of massage therapist techniques would benefit you most? Find out by booking an appointment today - the expert staff will listen to you with a view to treating your whole person, not just the symptom most obviously bothering you.

To benefit from Indonesian massage therapy or any Oriental Bodywork treatment, please call 01242 582168 or send us a communication via our contact form. You'll soon be feeling fitter and healthier!