Cotswolds Hotels

As my thoughts turn to Autumn, I anticipate we will take a trip out to stay in Cotswolds hotels sometime and enjoy a tray of tea and cakes! There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of smoky chimneys and old folk pottering around their villages slowly - time stands still and we remember how once we had time to be more calm and reflective on life.

If you watch the gradual onset of winter (for which I simply don't get time) you will see a gradual change in the wildlife as they prepare for hibernating. It really reminds me that somehow we human beings have lost more than we've gained making money and seeking out a living whilst life goes by.

I am saddened by the animals that come out only to find they are greeted by shotguns in the name of tradition - that is tradition I'd be glad to see die out. Whichever way you think, you will find one of several cotswolds hotels on this new website which makes choosing easer than ever. Done by the same people as my favourite Hotels Cheltenham site (which is how I came to find it).

If you feel somewhat oved slightly by my penned words, then please do go and see all the sites of the Cotswolds and sniff those smoking chimneys as they try to hold winter at bay.