Starting a Small Business

When Danny Wilson asked Maria to review his latest website Starting a Small Business, she of course asked me (her web designer) to do it for her! I knew something of Danny's web writing and knew he had a talent for fact and humour, but he's surpassed himself with this one.

The descriptions of those unfortunate individuals who unwittingly end up on the wrong side of his righteous opinion are usually understated and quietly brutal (I love it). Laugh as much as you want though, he always has a point in anything he can be bothered to say.

As I know Dan vaguely, I know he is a proven entrepreneur and has both good and bad results under his belt to speak of. Iknow of nobody personally who has enjoyed more success with a website (Glosjobs) which keeps a roof over his head - not many outside of big brand owners can boast that.

If he writes something, it is certainly going to contain "the obvious" that nobody else seems to say, and much of his advice strikes a familiar chord within us - especially if we are starting a small business. I wouldn't say it if I didn't think it, but here is a good site worth a read by anybody - to be entertained or just starting a small business up.