Search engine optimisation for the great unwashed

Something we are all obsessed with as website owners is search engine optimisation. Afterall, what use is it if our websites can't be found by anybody? I've had relatively good results with my web man (see the leopard logo bottom right) even though he protests how hard it is.

People just don't realise (including me) that every day is a new day on the internet, and Google makes everyday different to the last with its obsessive crawling. It is just so dynamic, rules that were set today may not mean much tomorrow, and that is no exaggeration. So where do you find the best seo company for your needs?

This is a relative question, the very best are found in London, and work for the biggest companies with the biggest budgets. This will rule everyone but Next, Microsoft and the fortune 100 companies out. Insisting on this level of expertise is just plain fantasy.

There is so many different things floating about it's quite ridiculous. How can anybody believe we can all end up on page one of Google? The fact is, keyword research is the way some of us might appear for the terms most appropriate to us. I'd be interested to hear if you find the best seo company for the small person.