Jobs from Home

Well, I've already reviewed a site called Jobs from Home on my teaching site. So I thought I'd put a mention of it here for people in general looking for alternative career choices such as jobs from home.

With an increasingly ageing population starting to fall foul of inadequate pensions, jobs from home will become an ever increasing subject of importance. And I cannot see people wanting to make their "supper" by licking envelopes (a common jobs from home ploy).

This sector will need jobs from home that don't tax their ageing bodies too much, as worklife is extended into a few more decades (one at least). I would have to confess an interest in treating more sore backs, but on the other hand I believe our older years should be happy and well lived.

When will there be a job centre online which features jobs from home specially? I would be amazed if David Cameron and Nick Clegg are not focussing on this very idea at present, if not soon.