Links to friends

Here is a whole crop of websites written by Maria Mercati's friends in Cheltenham and beyond!

Web Management UK
I would like to recommend my specialist, Lee Mustoe. He has worked on my website, updating and adding content, adding blogs, Twitter and all the pages I need.

Starting a Small Business
A compendium of topics on starting a small business from Cheltenham University graduate Danny Wilson - great reading.

Jobs from Home
Many people seriously consider how they are going to survive over the next decade, jobs from home is a serious suggestion!

Hotels Cheltenham
When you live in a town (Cheltenham in my case) it gives you a unique insight into the hotels, something a visitor probably wishes they had! This new website does exactly this.

Acupuncture courses
Apart from treating people with acupuncture, I also teach acupuncture courses. Here is the special stuff I think students might like to know about me.

Cotswolds Hotels
As my thoughts turn to Autumn, I anticipate we will take a trip out to stay in Cotswolds hotels sometime and enjoy a tray of tea and cakes!

Hotels in Bath
To take some time for pleasure in Bath means looking for hotels in Bath to stay at, how quickly that becomes a hassle until you use this new website.

Events in Gloucester
When looking for something to do, why not check out the events in Gloucester.

Search engine optimisation for the great unwashed
Something we are all obsessed with as website owners is search engine optimisation. Afterall, what use is it if our websites can't be found by anybody?

Oxford Hotels
There is no better place to arrange a trip to than Oxford, hotels will be very important to find and complete the perfect outing. Use Oxford Hotels to book.

Bath Restaurants
Often considered a jewel in England's crown, this city is cultured, sophisticated and plain good fun. The Bath restaurants are fantastic!

Hardwood Decking
Hardwood decking is far more durable than its softwood counterpart. Coming from tropical forests, the durability and grain patterns are considered superior.

SEO Cheltenham
If you live in Cheltenham, you may have a website to get promoted on the search engines. Finding a SEO Cheltenham expert is a good way to start