Hotels Cheltenham

When you live in a town (Cheltenham in my case) it gives you a unique insight into the hotels, something a visitor probably wishes they had! This new website does exactly this.

Cheltenham is situated nicely in the Cotswolds, being the more grandiose face of the area with its Regency architecture, hotels and theatres. It has many noteworthy annual events such as the literature festival, the music festival and the March races (featuring the famous Gold Cup).

There are some noteworthy commercial ventures too, including the UCAS HQ and Zurich financial services. So you might be visiting Cheltenham for leisure, business or sport - whichever way you'll want the most suitable accommodation - both price wise and service wise.

For visiting the theatres and town shops, you might want to choose The George Hotel or The Queens Hotel - both resplendent luxury and evocative of the towns Regency heritage.

For sporting races the Hotel on the Park would make an excellent choice (if you could get a booking there). When visiting with work rather than luxury in mind, you couldn't do better than the Holiday Inn or The Big Sleep Hotel - both very reasonably priced and beautifully clean.

When looking to enjoy the Cotswolds, I would consider a country hotel such as The Greenway or The Charlton Kings Hotel. To find all these and more, you simply just have to visit Hotels Cheltenham, the new website that makes choosing hotels in Cheltenham so easy - just as if you were a local!