Acupuncture courses

I founded the BODYHARMONICS® Centre in 1992 to provide treatment and acupuncture courses to the highest standards possible in the traditional Oriental healing systems.

I did this by drawing on three of the world's most ancient, powerful and alternative medicine and complementary therapies:

My aim has been to integrate the most effective bodywork techniques and my speciality is in combining unique Acupuncture treatments with Tui Na to create some of the most powerful medicine in the world today.

Some people have said that I'm a leading exponent of these in the West and students come from all over the world to benefit from my individualised and highly effective training style. I say that all I've done is combine what makes good treatments and re-teach it in my acupuncture courses and massage training.

I invite you to come and learn in my little school, staying next door for the duration of the course should you require. I personally guarantee you will receive the best training I can possibly give you and I am always available afterwards to give you advice as you set up your own practices.